Client: World Wildlife Fund (conservationist org)
Project: Cut Down Deforestation / Informational brochure [College project]


The goal for this project was to design a memorable graphic piece that would teach simple actions steps to fight against deforestation.
In order to make the experience unforgettable for the viewer, I decided to create an interactive brochure consisting of an insert, an envelope in which the insert slides in and out, and a mechanism to avoid the slip from sliding completely off the sleeve.
The title of the piece is a pun intended to catch the viewer's attention at first glance. Once the brochure is picked up and the insert is pulled out, the central tree on the front side, which was originally shown to be cut down, is now fully grown and blossomed. At the same time, the backside of the slip now reveals six practical ways to stop the problem. The idea behind this interaction is that information on the subject is already a first step towards reversing deforestation (just like the visual representation on the brochure).

This project reached semifinalist status in the 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA): a world wide graphic design competition yearly organised by Adobe® Systems Incorporated and the International Council of Design (ico-D).

Cut Down Deforestation detail

brochure detail

Cut Down Deforestation front

brochure front

Cut Down Deforestation opening

pulling out slip

Cut Down Deforestation opened

pulled out slip

Cut Down Deforestation content

slip's backside

Cut Down Deforestation content

concept sketches

Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) Semifinal Certificate

Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) Semifinal Certificate.