Client: Alcoholics Anonymous (non-profit org)
Project: 31 Minutes / Informational booklet on drunk driving [College project]


This booklet design was part of a larger campaign regarding the abusive consumption of alcohol among young adults. The goal was to inform on the seriousness of the issue and provide prevention tips.
The overall design was based on the idea of a car accident. This concept confronts the reader with the earnestness of the matter and, at the same time, offers a great opportunity to use a very dynamic layout which is appealing to the young target audience.
Photographs were intentionally omitted in order to avoid morbidity in the design.

31 Minutes booklet cover

booklet cover

31 Minutes booklet spread 1

spread 1

31 Minutes booklet spread 2

spread 2

31 Minutes booklet spread 3

spread 3

31 Minutes booklet back cover

back cover