Client: Mc Graw Hill (publisher)
Project: Textbook covers [College project]

I was given the task to design a series of textbook covers for some of the most common intro-level subjects.
My goal in this project was to make the books more appealing and interesting to the target audience, high-school students, who often consider their classes to be boring and irrelevant.
The use of highly saturated colors for the backgrounds is intended to fight against this conception. These bright tones also make each book unique and easy to identify.
The design features a minimalistic vector graphic that outlines the main facial attributes of some of the most influential personalities in the different areas of study. These drawings generate in the student a sense of humor and curiosity for the book's content.

British literature textbook cover

British literature textbook cover

American history textbook cover

American history textbook cover

Music textbook cover

music textbook cover

Physics textbook cover

physics textbook cover