Client: Ro 26.10 (fragance)
Project: Brand identity

identity print packaging digital photography

The goal in this project was to create a deluxe yet innovative brand for the RO 26.10 fragance.
The color palette for this identity (gold and black) was chosen to give the brand an elegant and luxurious look. At the same time, the logotype was based of a bold, sans-serif font which gave it a more modern feel.
The perfume's launch event's theme was 'Discover'. The break up of the model's face into triangles as the graphic element of the identity was an avant-garde solution to generate a sense of curiosity and interest in the guests, and to correspond with the overall feel of the brand and theme of the party.
The invitation cards had QR codes that linked to a landing page with directions to the place and a countdown till the event.

RO 26.10 logo


RO 26.10 identity graphics

identity graphics

RO 26.10 invitation cards

invitation cards

RO 26.10 qr code

QR code

RO 26.10 packaging


RO 26.10 stand

stand / POP

RO 26.10 full identity

full identity